Now there's a smarter way to stay hair-free and beautiful with MUSEE's Japanese Flash Hair Removal.

We keep prices low thanks to our network of 185 outlets in Japan with over 2.8 million satisfied customers, it's no wonder we're Japan's number 1 hair removal salon.

Japan's No.1 Hair Removal Salon

*Hair removal salon refer to salons which attribute more than 50% of their sales revenue to hair removal services. Source:Tokyo Sho-ko Research (July 2014)

MUSEE's Six Promises

  • No Hidden Costs
    No Hidden Costs

    No extra charges, annual fees or other products. What you pay is what you get.

  • Refund Guarantee
    Refund Guarantee

    If you're unsatisfied with the treatments, we would refund the remaining sessions.

  • No Solicitation or Pushy Sales
    No Solicitation or Pushy Sales

    We only specialize in hair removal and won't push you into trying other courses like skin care.

  • No Cancellation Fee
    No Cancellation Fee

    Regardless of notice period, we do not charge a cancelation fee.

  • Free Consultation
    Free Consultation

    To discuss your needs and concerns before treatment.

  • Professional and Well-trained Staff
    Professional and Well-trained Staff

    Our staff is well-trained in operating our equipment and treating customers with respect.


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